Mongolia 2015 500 togrog Mongolian Nature 2015 - Falco cherrug BU Silver Coin

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The Saker falcon is Mongolia’s national bird. All citizens of the country are

encouraged to consider it a symbol of Mongolian history, culture, and above all, as

the flagship species for nature conservation because today, the Saker falcon is one

of the most endangered birds of prey worldwide. A Situation which will hopefully

change soon!

The coin shows the amazing hunter of the skies in majestic flight. In the background

the attentive observer can recognise the over 4000 meter high summits of the

Mongolian Tavan Bogd massif.

Country: Mongolia Metal Purity: 925 Box: Yes
Year of Issue: 2015 Weight: 15.55 g CoA: Yes
Face Value: 500 togrog Dimensions: 38.61 Coin Accent: Gilding, Unusual Shape
ID: MN0030 Quality: BU
Mintage quantity: 2500 pcs