Mongolia 2014 1000 togrog Chinggis Khaan colored Proof Silver Coin

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Issued by Mongolia in 2014, this silver colored coin is dedicated to a legendary Mongol conqueror  who ruled an area that stretched across central Asia from the Caspian Sea to the Sea of Japan. Struck from 1 oz. silver .999 with special coloring on relief, the coin has got the extremely limited mintage of only 1 000 pieces worldwide.

He was a Mongol Khaan, in English “leader“, who conquered vast parts of Central Asia and northern China. Accredited with the union of many nomadic tribes, he was granted the title of «Great Khan» and therefore became the sole ruler of all Mongolians. His reign lasted from 1206 to 1227. In this era, he began the Mongol invasions and the conquest of other areas stretching to the Sea of Japan in the East and the Caspian Sea in the west.

When Chinggis Khaan died in August 1227, his empire was divided between his four sons who continued extending it. Two generations later, however, the Mongol Empire broke apart after repeated and long-lasting conflicts.






Face   value

1000 Togrog


Silver   999/1000

Weight   (g)

1 oz.

Size   (mm)

38.61 mm


Proof Color

Mintage   (pcs)

1000   ONLY

Certificate   COA